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One of the many topics examined in the superior docudrama Framing Britney Spears– which simply hit Hulu recently– is the unnecessary ruthlessness and also misogyny that Spears got throughout her job battles in the 2000s.

” Amusing should have a specific quantity of enjoy it.”


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The media was rough– and also late evening hosts were no exception. Except, that is, for Craig Ferguson, whose talk securing Spears during a 2007 episode of The Late Show has been making the rounds on the internet post-Framing.

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The entire almost 13-minute monologue is below– as well as its worth a watch, as Ferguson begins by exposing sorrow for his previous celebrity-based jokes prior to protecting Spears versus media evaluation.

The Scottish-born Ferguson held CBS The Late Program from 2005 to 2014 before being replaced by existing host James Corden.


” We shouldnt be assaulting the prone individuals!,” Ferguson said loudly before providing a “mea culpa” for his recent jokes. “I think my goals been off a little bit simply recently … so this night, no Britney Spears jokes.”.

” This female has 2 kids,” he said later in the monologue. “Shes 25 years of ages.


Smith, a star and model, died at the age of 39 in 2007 after overdosing from prescription medications.


” For me, comedy needs to have a details quantity of pleasure in it. It should be about continuously assaulting the powerful individuals– striking the political leaders, as well as the Trumps, and the blowhards.

Ferguson was plainly appropriate– the examination and criticism Spears handled at that age was much from acceptable whatsoever, kind, or shape. When so lots of werent, wonderful of him to be on the best side of history.

” Its been happening in the media as well as press lately,” Ferguson specified, comparing the media evaluation to watching Americas Funniest Home Videos: “You d be poking fun at the youngster falling over, and afterwards you d go, Wait a min, put down the damn webcam and help your youngster! What the hell is wrong with you?”.



People are diing! The workshop target market chuckled at the mention of Smiths name, to which Ferguson instantly responded, “Its not a joke!”.


The workshop audience chuckled at the reference of Smiths name, to which Ferguson right now replied, “Its not a joke!”.

“For me, comedy requires to have a particular amount of joy in it. It needs to be about continuously assaulting the reliable individuals– assaulting the politicians, as well as the Trumps, and also the blowhards.,” Ferguson exclaimed before providing a “mea culpa” for his current jokes. “I think my objectives been off a little bit simply lately … so this evening, no Britney Spears jokes.”.

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